Kveldstur med reinsdyr og nordlyset

By coming to our camp at the evening, there is a chance to catch the beautiful northern lights! 

Get to know our native lifestyle by hearing our story, feeding reindeer and sled with them. You can also try your lasso-skills! Afterwards we go into our lávvu and have a traditional, sámi meal. 

This adventure includes:

  • Storytelling in lavvu

  • Chance to catch the northern lights

  • 30 minutes reindeer sledding

  • Lasso throwing

  • A hot meal with coffee/tea

Pris: 2090 NOK 

Sesong: November 2019 - April 2020

Lengde: 2 timer (20:00-22:00)

Hvor: Sørkjosfjellet, 9152 Sørkjosen